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I serve and obey RubyLemonLimeade 
She is my Mistress and I love to be open about it
hypnofan147 is my master... I am his slave... I do not need any other master... only him...
I obey master The-Bonkura-Clan... I am his loyal slave...
I was hypnotized by cameronmbirks, she is my master and I am her obedient slave...
I obey my mistress cameronmbirks and only her...
TsundereAquaria did a tag thing and invited anyone to answer her questions, so I will do it!

1. Do you hate me for this?

    I'd never hate you Aqua! You're like a little sister to me! :meow:

2. ?

    ?? O.o

3. Vodka or a mech suit? Or both?

    Both.... but not at the same time, that sounds dangerous D:

4. Do you have a question?

    Um... sure...... where'd you get your dress? *-*

5. This is stupid...

    That's ok =P

6. Wuts 9+10?

    19 silly! That's an easy one! XP

7. I iz gud at quiz stuth 


8. It's 2:48am. Good idea to stay up?

    Nah, get some sleep Aqua-chan. Kimmy can help with that if you want.

9. Are you bored yet?

    NEVER! :D

10. This is taking a while...

    No it isn't. Might just be you =P

11. Kayk or Pi?

    I'd say... 'Kayk'. I never cared for Pi

12. YouTube's new policy - good idea?

    I don't think so. To censor based on swear words and opinions and ideas, that's censorship :/

13. Uh-oh..

    ...Wuh-oh? O.o

Now my questions!

1. Do you want to do this quiz?

2. What do you think of me?

3. What do you think of Kimmy?

4. Cake or Pie?

5. I have psychic powers, what do you think about that?

6. What is your favourite way Kimmy hypnotized or brainwashed you?....... wait, what did I say? O.o

7. Be honest, are you having lewd thoughts of me now?

8. What is your favourite version of me on Kisekae currently? (Limited to my gallery)

9. I like flowers...

10. I also like slimes... they are my friends too... @.@

11. Sorry, I zoned out for a second, any idea what happened? O.o

12. What is your favourite song currently?

13. Seems that's all the questions I can give. Would you like to say anything in particular?

I don't know that many people and the only friends I know have already been tagged. If you could link some people, that would be great but I guess I'll tag a few anyway, they don't have to do it =P
TsundereAquariaGoofykirby12ZorroFanGirl, RubyLemonLimeade, Ryaigne, hypnofan147, Juu-zou, zorro-zero
I serve and obey RubyLemonLimeade 
She is my Mistress and I love to be open about it


PsyRed-Vivian's Profile Picture
Hello! My name is Vivian but you can call me Vivi!

:iconmc-kimaera: invited me here to meet up with friends here too. He's also allowing me to post his Kisekae pictures here. He didn't wan't them on his profile because that's for his drawings only


:icondizzyobeyers: :iconhypnokatsumi: :iconboredomreigns: :iconkamenriderspiral: :iconerihypno: :iconhypnoticon100: :iconthe-bonkura-clan: :iconcameronmbirks: :iconhypnofan147: :icongoofykirby12: :icontsundereaquaria: :iconzorrofangirl: :iconmc-kimaera: :iconryaigne: :iconrubylemonlimeade:


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